special dua for something you really want

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special dua for something you really want

special dua for something you really want-

“How to complete my wishes through dua”

If a person is in need of God’s mercy and charity, then this person is in adversity or not, and so he helped us the way he should help us, and our apostle taught us.This is 20 days of the full duration of the Muslim prayer to succeed every excessive desire. In the meantime, you see that it is affected and affected the next day how difficult is the difficulties that do not matter, how impossible the work is, it can be solved in a few days. Only Allah will be able to work untiringly that Shinu has the power that any desire is generally wished Through will be completed within 3, 7 or 15 days.

“Mushkil ko Assam karane ka wazifa”

Whether it is prayed to fulfill a specific purpose or carefully made a fresh bath, this Salat is followed by a heartfelt prayer of two units, then an authentic prayer he says Allaah says that their success must be assisted and assisted this is most powerful dua. To fulfill wishes to fulfill the desire and need.When you have an urgent need and you have to give it to God, you can fast for three days; Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. On Friday, you can take a bath, prepare yourself with a new clean dress, can go to the top of your house and pray two-a -care. Later, you can raise your hands in the sky and say with the request given below.

The powerful dua to fulfill wishes-

On the request of Allah, Allah has shown His need and full slavery, and Allah has sent it to him, and to know that Allah is highest or gives benefits. With him, one should be certain that Allah is in response to our highest responsibilities, but the way he knows that is best for us specialty of this dua is to fulfill all your wishes desire and need. Immediately.and end of your sorrow from dua

“O Allah, there is no ease other than what You make easy. 

If You please You ease sorrow”

Dua for solving needs

Thie prayer was made by the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), and Allah blessed him with all that when he had made his supplication

“o my lord! truly I am in need of

whatever good you bestow on me”

Some people use some worldly things, some people can solve their problems, need to ask for the treatment of disease and the desire to get good health, while others may be prudent to ask for future living. Thus each one who asks him from his point of view.It is also advisable that when you dua and fast for the purpose of conquering your request to Allah. then your dua is confessed. And all the desires are fulfilled.

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