Har bimari ka illaj Quran Se

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Har bimari ka illaj Quran Se

“Kuran me har bimari ka illaj”

Har bimari ka illaj Quran Se- The Kuran is not the only guidance for mankind, but Allah has also given it a spiritual remedy and treatment for all kinds of diseases. It involves the behavior of all worldly problems, physical and psychological illnesses and spiritual.The Creator has clearly told us that the words of the Qur’an are a medicine for all and, therefore, when used in the real sense with someone in the heart, for all diseases in this form of treatment Miraculous treatment can be brought to Allah in the Quran have  solution har bimari ka ilaj hai”

“Holy. Quran and cure disease”

Muslim faith, Therefore, dealing with the problems, diseases or problems of life should be very easy. But, because this physical world has been classified as Quran. therefore it is necessary to take medicine for someone’s disease. In most cases, there is a rule of suicide for Mufti who dies in the event of taking medication. To attack by Shariah, he has to rely on Allah, but he will have to search for the treatment, which should be classified as a trust in Allah’s highest class – Allah.and holly Qurn get solution n Amy disew.

“Har bimari se chutakara Quran me”

people should first believe that the treatment of all diseases and destabilize is in Allah’s hands and powers. Allah alone judges trials for His creation and alone can order His remedy, therefore, all the means of sickness and healing are contingent on the order of Allah, as part of the Muslim faith, this principle is important because people Sometimes they do not understand how much apprehensions come on a person and they discover this reality without their real intentions.

“Quran she milega har bimari par upay”

Humans are fragile, weak, and suffer from disease We all meet once or any other disease, some more seriously than others. Although there has been considerable time for the prevention and treatment of disease in modern medicine, many people have found comfort in prayer. Muslims do not see the disease as punishment of Allah but rather as an examination and purification of sins. Will you keep your faith strong despite your poor health? Do you see your sickness as a cause of disappointment, or you will see Allah as an opportunity to provide for mercy and medicine, and that in the solution of all the diseases of the Quran.

“The power of Quran remove all disease”

Islamic beliefs have decided that this disease is sent to this world with its treatment, but the means of treatment do not know for everyone. Although medical science may have helped in the discovery of the treatment of many diseases and diseases, there are many people who still need treatment. On the other hand, Quranic Rukayaah, Muslim devotees, with the help of medical treatments by the use of Allah’s words and repeats to treat all their diseases, by predictions.

” Iss Ta rah she Quran me har bimari ka solution mil sakata hai kurana har bimari se ukti ila sakata hai. Ye har bimari pe acha upay hai”

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